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An Update on the Jones/Solt Family

We ask for continued prayers to uplift the Jones/Solt Family.  The Lord called Ruth home on July 22, 2021 and Elizabeth is in critical condition after the senseless accident at their produce stand.   Lithopolis United Methodist Church will be  accepting donations and 100% of funds collected will go to the Jones/Solt Family.  Donations can […]

Columbus Academy Expels Students After Parents Speak Out

Columbus Academy has expelled the children of Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross, who have been organizing the efforts of the Pro CA Coalition. In doing so, Columbus Academy sends the clear message that those who who speak out and challenge the school’s administration will be punished. The move also highlights the administration’s disingenuousness when it […]

Critical Race Theory is not an “Academic Framework”

Defenders of Critical Race Theory (CRT) often describe it as an “academic framework.” Columbus Academy’s own defense of its curriculum describes CRT as a term used to “describe various historical and theoretical approaches to understanding the role of race in America” and one that refers to “the writings of specific scholars.” (Emphasis added). And yet, […]

Letter from a parent

Yesterday I stumbled upon a fantastic website ( that discusses human behavior, communication, and how to be a better person.  I was struck by the quote: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” (Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.) Because the author of the blog did such a great job of discussing the […]

Pro CA Coalition partners with FAIR

The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity. FAIR defends civil liberties advocates for individuals who are threatened or persecuted for speech, or who are held to a different set of […]

Letter from a parent

 1.   In any academic setting, the drive for diversity should include the diversity of opinions, beliefs, philosophies and viewpoints.  As such, Columbus Academy should expect and require all students and faculty members to respect the beliefs and values of all other students.   Students at CA should without exception feel comfortable expressing themselves.    The mission […]

Letter from a parent

Last week I was forwarded an unsigned mass email from Columbus Academy (presumably from Ms. Soderberg and/or the Board) discussing the Critical Race Theory (CRT) training and curriculum at Columbus Academy, and finally understand why the Board and Ms. Soderberg refuse to meet with the Pro CA Coalition (PCAC) – it is because what the […]