What we’re fighting against. And what we’re fighting for.

What we propose as a solution…

1) Independent Evaluation of Curriculum

In recent years, Columbus Academy has increasingly focused on political activism in its coursework at the expense of the school’s core mission of academic excellence. While discussion of relevant current events has its place in some classes, politics should not be a significant emphasis in courses such as math and science. We are requesting an independent evaluation of Columbus Academy’s curriculum to ensure the school returns to a core focus on academic excellence.

2) Independent Audit of School Spending

Since 2008, the number of employees at Columbus Academy has increased by 36%. Total costs per student have increased 54% during that same period. The 2021-22 academic year will see the largest tuition increase in the school’s history. Yet, teacher salaries remain below market rate in Central Ohio and little to no oversight exists over budgets and spending. We are requesting an independent audit of school spending to ensure responsible management of school finances.

3) Overhaul of the Structure of the Board of Trustees

Good governance requires independent oversight. Currently, the Board is failing in its duty to oversee the management of Columbus Academy. Parents of students at Columbus Academy have no voice in the selection of Board members and have no independent body with whom they can raise concerns. We are proposing an overhaul to the structure of the Board of Trustees. Specifically, we believe members should be chosen by vote of parents of current students. Moreover, we believe meetings of the Board of Trustees should be public and accessible to members of the Columbus Academy community.