Parents are succeeding at fighting Critical Race Theory in schools all over the country. Now it’s our turn.

Parents at Columbus Academy are starting to catch on to the increasing intrusion of critical race theory, intersectionality, and other neo-racist teachings being peddled at our school. We’ve heard from our kids that the Columbus Academy teaches that America is a racist country. We’ve seen how the academic standards suffer when everything, even math and science, is seen as a chance to advance a radical political agenda. And we’ve seen how kids suffer when they’re told—from the earliest ages—that their value is in nothing more than the intersection of their “identities.”

Yet, for Columbus Academy students, parents, faculty, and staff, speaking out against such developments remains intimidating. What good can one voice do? And what if my teachers, colleagues, or friends retaliate?

In a world where there is no dissent within the ranks of Columbus Academy leadership, we can often feal isolated and weak. Yet, there is power in our voice and in our numbers. And parents from school districts are proving that they can make a difference.

Recently, an overwhelming majority of parents in Southlake, Texas elected new school board members who are committed to resisting critical race theory. In Manhattan, former teacher Paul Rossi helped expose that his school’s equity lessons sought to demonize white kids for being born and continues to speak out against neo-racism. And the headmaster of the Dalton School resigned after months of controversy over the school’s “anti-racism” focus.

The Pro CA Coalition is pushing for a restructuring of the Board of Trustees at Columbus Academy that would give parents a voice in how their school is run. Specifically, we believe Board members should be chosen by vote of parents of current students.

In the meantime, it’s important that parents continue to be vigilant and voice concerns, not just to the Pro CA Coalition, but also to school leadership directly. The school may attempt to isolate and intimidate those who speak out, but know that hundreds of people within the Columbus Academy community—students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni—have joined our fight. It’s important, now more than ever, that we do not remain silent.

To contact Columbus Academy:

Head of School — Melissa Soderberg (c/o Shannon Nelson)

Assistant Head of School for Development/External Relations — Erich Hunker

President of the Board of Trustees — Jonathan Kass