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Critical Race Theory is not an “Academic Framework”

Defenders of Critical Race Theory (CRT) often describe it as an “academic framework.” Columbus Academy’s own defense of its curriculum describes CRT as a term used to “describe various historical and theoretical approaches to understanding the role of race in America” and one that refers to “the writings of specific scholars.” (Emphasis added). And yet, […]

The new Columbus Academy discourages dissent and shuts down debate

Throughout its recently-released 10-page document, Columbus Academy repeatedly asserts that students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to “critically analyze” and “critique” the teachings of Critical Race Theory. Yet in practice, such dissent from authorized thought is discouraged and meaningful debate is made impossible. For example, Columbus Academy admits that it included materials from Ibram Kendi […]

Anti-Racism: It doesn’t mean what you think

On May 8, 2021, Columbus Academy published this statement, in which it repeatedly described its approach to anti-racism as “not partisan in nature.” Unfortunately, this does not align with what occurs in their classrooms every day. In the same statement, Columbus Academy admitted students are taught “the underlying concepts embedded in ‘critical race theory.’” It […]